The Last Sequence – 13-12-11

Today is a very special day from a numerological point of view. It is the last time for 90 years that a date can be written in a direct number sequence, with next time being in 2103/02/01.

As I have always found number sequences interesting and because today is such a special day, I planned something special to mark the occasion. Therefore, at 10:09 today, I did 100 push ups which has been on my bucketlist for quite some time, in order to make an interesting number sequence even more special, ending up with 13/12/11 10:09.

About three weeks ago I decided that I wanted to challenge myself a bit extra, so almost jokingly I told a friend of mine that I would do 100 push ups on the 11th December, which was about three weeks away at the time. As of saying that, my personal record was only 60 push ups, so in the last few weeks I have really tried to push my own limits.

All in all, I am extremely proud of this, even though this is definitely not going to be my max for long! I’ve caught a push up bug!

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