Returned with new music!

It has been a long long time since I last wrote anything on my webpage, but rest assured that I haven’t just been lazy. Granted I haven’t written any of the promised Actionable posts I have said I would write, but they are on their way. I have done most of the research I wanted to do for at least 4-5 posts, so you really have something to look forward to.

More recently I have started writing a hyper-personal mini-blog on my phone, but I’m thinking that I should also write more stuff here too.

I have some plans for this blog that I haven’t implemented yet. For one, I am planning to have a picture gallery with pictures I take randomly. The main reason I will be adding it now is for my trip to India, so that I can share more easily what I see and do over there. I have more ideas I will add later on too, but this is the first and biggest one so far.

Also, yesterday (Saturday 11th June 2011) I went to a Parkour

park with my good friend Daniel, where we were having lots of fun. And today (Sunday 12th June 2011) I picked up my cello for the first time in ages! I had so much fun I must have played for almost 2 hours.

I actually recorded three verses of myself playing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. I will upload it here, so you can listen to it too, so please tell me what you think of it in the comments. [edit – I lost the audio file in the move of the site. I will try to upload a new one soon.]

Anyway, now I am going to go out for a walk, so till next time, have an awesome day!!

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4 thoughts on “Returned with new music!”

  1. I think if you practice the cello more, then it would be so awesome. But its really nice for the very first try. I know its been ages but you are so talented. I am very amazed. Hugs. I wait for more recordings.

  2. Is it your own arrangement of it? The arrangement could use some work to better suit the cello, especially if intended as a solo piece. Most notably the intro, but then again, you shouldn’t listen to me, I’m a perfectionist. And I make so many mistakes in my recordings that it’s not even funny.

  3. Wao såå.. trevligt att se och höra dej traktera din fina Cello! Fortsätt så tar du snabbt upp övandet till din tidigare höga nivå. Det kommer att bli succé när du än framträder så klart. Jag tänker på när Donita alltid passade på att sjunga men bara när DU Josef spelade det tyckte hon om.
    Kul att jag hittade dej igen. Det var så trevligt när vi hade täta kontakter via Japan.
    God natt och sov gott // mormor

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