Open letter to Turkish Airlines

This is an open letter to Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance member, regarding how my baggage has gone from lost to stolen in 12 days. It is time they take responsibility.

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I traveled with Turkish Airlines from Stockholm (Arlanda), Sweden to Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport), India via Istanbul (Ataturk Airport), Turkey on the 29th of October with flight TK 1794.

I checked in my bag at the Stockholm airport and was told to expect my luggage directly in Mumbai airport.

When I arrived on the 30th of October at 05.30, my baggage was lost. I was first told by the Mumbai Airport ground staff after she looked in some list that my bag was not loaded from Istanbul and will be loaded and my bag will be sent with the next flight out the next day. I also filed a PIR report at the airport and left with an empty hand luggage.

At the same time the information provided for compensation was not clear. When my baggage did not arrive as promised, I called the Turkish airlines baggage department and was told that the information provided to me was incorrect. The reality was that they could not trace my bag.

I have since called every day for updates, and on the 2nd I was sent the wrong bag. I refused it, and the search continued. Both my husband and I kept calling every day, but no new updates were given. The File Reference Number I have for this is (omitted). I have till date not been able to get in contact with any Turkish Airline staff at the Mumbai Airport, which I find deplorable. The only contact I had was the Airport ground staff.

During this time I had to purchase things to replace the items that were lost, as I didn’t have anything. I have the bills for the things that I had to buy, and I expect to be compensated in full for these purchases.

I have been told by ground personnel at Mumbai airport (not belonging to Turkish Airlines) that I would only receive 300 USD as compensation for the duration baggage was lost, but this is far from sufficient to cover the costs I’ve incurred even though I’ve limited myself to essentials. When I have been in contact with the Lost Baggage telephone support, they have said that the amount is not fixed, and instead the list of lost items will be evaluated and that compensation for an appropriate amount will be made without any upper limit, as they are responsible for the baggage when it is in their custody. I need clarity in this.

On the 8th of November I was told that there would be a bag matching my description sent from Istanbul to Mumbai on the flight TK720 that had been sent to ‘unclaimed’. I was also asked about a number of items in my bag, which I took as confirmation that the bag was mine. At first I was told that they had screened the items and therefore they knew what contents were in the bag. On further questioning it was revealed that the bag had been BROKEN INTO since it was UNCLAIMED.

I called the Airport staff and told them that I would come to the airport and collect my bag so I could make sure nothing was missing. When I arrived in the morning of the 9th of November at the airport, together with my mother and representatives from Turkish Airlines, the bag was in tatters.

The lock was broken, the wheels of the bag are not working correctly, and ALL my valuables, even the ones that had been mentioned to me on the 8th, have been stolen. Even my dresses, jeans and tops had been stolen, in addition to my jewellery (imitation), presents and other items. Please see further down in this letter for a complete list together with estimated values for replacing the items. Everything has been stolen and this is UNACCEPTABLE. The contents of the bag has been ransacked through and even the under garments were not spared.

This whole ordeal has been a HUGE pressure for me, and I feel my vacation has been destroyed. I have had to cancel various smaller trips that I had been planning to go on, due to missing presents and things I had specifically brought for those trips. This has caused additional financial and emotional loss, which I expect to be compensated for. I am very upset and disappointed with this entire situation, and it has left me emotionally drained. I am now having panic attacks and can not deal with this trauma.

This whole situation is disgusting and not something i would expect from an international airlines company.

List of items lost: All amounts are in Swedish Krona
(List omitted as this is an open letter)

I also would like to add that my bag is completely destroyed and you have to replace that as well.

This ordeal has shaken up my whole family and left me extremely miserable. I had to not only shop for my necessities during the 12 days I have been without any luggage, but now I have to buy a new bag as I have a family trip planned next week. In addition to this, I will have to purchase the items that have been stolen from me.

I solely hold Turkish Airlines responsible for this ordeal. I feel extremely unsafe now and am extremely worried for my Husbands travel plan to India and later our flight together back to Sweden.

I am looking forward to a quick resolution to my worries with concrete answers.

Mehek Wigren

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