Looking back on 2013

A lot has happened during 2013, and I just thought I would share a few of the highlights with you here.

The year started out pretty amazing, in India, where my wife and I had a wedding reception, as only her direct family had been able to attend our wedding in Sweden. I must say, an Indian wedding is pretty much wild! All in all, more than 700 people attended the two events that we had, and the venues were magical both times. The first event was what is called a Sangeet, where there is music, dancing and other festivities for the closest family members and friends. The second event was the proper reception where the extended family and circles of friends were invited.

Reception Venue

After returning to Sweden, life went back to it’s normal pace. However, in part due to a bad joke I had made during the trip to India, and in part due to the fact that I was actually putting on weight after quite some time of struggling with just that, I decided that I would be returning to the gym, harder than ever!

I set a bunch of fitness goals, that are on my Bucketlist and started working towards them. I told myself that this year, I would look ripped on the beach. Of course, that never happened, but I was continuously working towards that goal. By summer, I ended up looking quite fit, with a lot more muscle than I had ever had before, all while maintaining my weight. I started taking vitamin supplements, drinking protein shakes and generally trying to improve my health in every way I could. Your health is the most important thing in life. If you’re not healthy, you won’t be able to do anything as well as you could if you are. Also, on the first of October, I finally had my six pack! I still need to work hard on it to make it more visible, but I got the thumbs up from my gym partner to claim that I have one.

Apart from fitness, I have been working hard at ticking off other items on my Bucketlist, something that more and more is becoming something of an obsession. This year alone, I have ticked off 12 items from the ever growing list.

  • Taking my wife canoeing
  • Witnessing a meteor shower together with my wife
  • Learning to Juggle
  • Writing a killer CV
  • Running my first 5k race
  • Doing 20 consecutive chin-ups
  • Getting a six-pack
  • Doing 100 consecutive push ups
  • Doing 200 consecutive squats
  • Starting to properly learn Russian
  • Getting more than 500 daily visitors on my blog
  • Making $100+ through online work

Of course I have done many more things than these throughout the year, such as getting a new job, traveling to Latvia for our one year anniversary, and started training for the 60 km long Engelbrektsloppet ski race as well as the other Swedish Classic races, but this serves as a small highlight of what has happened during the year.

I am really optimistic and looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring. What I am sure about however is that it is going to be brilliant, a lot of work and so much of fun! I look forward to sharing more with you in the year to come!

Till then, have a wonderful day!

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