Happy Days

Yesterday at the gym was awesome! I had an instructor who showed me exactly what to do and what machines to use. I’m really happy about that. And what’s more is that the schedule that I had made for myself was according to that instructor very well made. So we used my schedule instead of anything that they had pre-made at the gym. So I will continue using the schedule that I made, but we added some leg exercises too, which will be great. I’m really looking forward to the first proper workout session with this schedule on Saturday. I only have to add the machine names, what muscles are used and then enter weight and how many reps I do per machine. Simple and awesome.

Work is going good too. I have gotten new tasks and I’m really enjoying myself. I have moved my desk from the bottom floor to the top floor now also, so I’m sitting a lot closer to my boss. I am probably going to be in charge of a few more things than I am at the moment, and I’ve started printing customer lists also. There are things I have to learn, but that just makes it more interesting. I love my job!

Yesterday I was supposed to go and sing karaoke with a few friends, but my girlfriend Mehek had gotten sick, so I had to go home to take care of her. And today we went to the pharmacy together to get her some cough medicine, so hopefully she’ll be feeling a lot better very soon. Now I’m just looking forward to helping her get better and cheer her up. Being sick sucks! *sends Mehek loads of love*

Another reason I’m looking forward to going to the gym on Saturday is because dad has promised he’ll come along! That’s going to be a lot of fun, I’m sure. I really have started caring more about my health, which was about time. I really want to get a good physique so that I can do whatever I want whenever I want to. Anyways, that will come. I’m just very happy that I’ve gotten started now.

I have been thinking a bit about getting a few tests done. Sort of like DNA tests or something like that, so that I know more about myself. To see if I’m resistant to any diseases and other things, as well as check body fat percentage and bone density and things like that. I have always liked collecting data, but I haven’t really collected that much data about myself. I don’t know why, but now I am really wanting to do such things.

So, if you have any thoughts on anything that I’ve written about today, click your way into the blog post and write me a comment. If you are logged in with Facebook you don’t even have to write any information about yourself, just write your comment and press send. I’m looking forward to reading any comments or thoughts you have.

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