First days in India

Finally we have reached India! The flight was really great and it was only on the connecting flight to Vienna that we had the problem with screaming children. On the way to India it was really quiet and peaceful. And even though the food was not good at all, overall it was a really pleasant flight. And now we have reached India.

It is really awesome here. The food and the people have really been super great. I have settled in at the hotel and Mehek is finally with her parents again. I have also met Mehek’s family. They are really awesome people and we have gotten along really really well. I am really happy for that. So far we haven’t been doing much, but I have bought a pair of dress-shoes and gotten a haircut, which was really necessary. I will post pictures of this soon.

There is no internet connection in the hotel room, so I am currently borrowing a computer at Mehek’s place. I guess it’s for the best, otherwise I would sit up at night to update the blog and upload pictures. I will have to bring the cord with me so that I can transfer a few pictures and videos to upload some time though. So you can expect more regular updates from now on. It has taken a few days to get settled in, but I’m finally starting to get my bearings straight.

I have been filming a bit, not as much as I had thought I would, but I am sure that you will all love what you see. I haven’t taken many pictures though, during these first few days, but instead I have been filming. Only time will tell which is the better way of keeping record, but I will try to do both. Still images are easier to browse though, I guess.

If you want to send me a private message or something like that, instead of commenting on the blog, send me an email instead, unless it has something to do with what I have been writing on the blog. I still get the messages, but for the sake of order I want to keep only comments that are relevant to the blogpost. For all you who don’t know, you can email me at jw [at] lifelearner (dot) se

I will write again soon, so keep checking in! Have an awesome day! See you next time.

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